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Welcome to Info-Forage!

Hello, and welcome to Info-Forage, a blog about empowered lifelong learning in the 21st century. We created this blog to help people take charge of their education, whether that means going beyond the requirements of the brick and mortar school where you’re currently enrolled, increasing your employability, or improving your quality of life and just keeping life interesting.

We believe that learning doesn’t end when you graduate or get the job you always wanted. Everyone will find himself required to learn new skills and information throughout his life, but we think learning should be more than an infinite checklist determined by teachers, bosses, clients or anyone who isn’t you. People learn more when they’re interested, and only you can define your interests.

Our goal is to empower people by discussing learning: how to learn more and better, how to take charge of your education, and skills that will help the 21st century learner. We also want to celebrate empowered learning with portraits of notable and interesting autodidacts. And when we find great resources, we’ll make sure to post about them so you can use them, too.

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