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That’s right! It’s November 1st, which means NaNoWriMo 2013 starts today. We’ve done a little foraging for web resources that will help you meet your writing goals this month. In our list of resources below, you’ll find advice, inspiration and programs to give you some structure for your novel and writing schedule. And everything we’ve listed is free.

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Divergent Thinking: You Do It Every Day

businessman in lotus pose and lamp-head

Did you finish watching Sir Ken Robinson’s Lecture “Changing Educational Paradigms” and feel like you were ruined beyond help by your education – a lost cause who can’t and never will be able to master that elusive skill called divergent thinking? Think again.

J.P. Guilford, the psychologist who coined the term, defines divergent thinking in one sentence in his book Intelligence, Creativity, and their Educational Implications:

“The unique feature of divergent production is that a variety of responses is produced.”

That is, divergent thinking is simply generating many possibilities for what to do, how to do it, etc.

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Kafka, Kinhin and Lifelong Learning

walking 400 x 256

     The teacher at the zendo near my house explained that on the in-breath of kinhin, we are practicing being comfortable standing still. I might argue that I had enough practice with that while we were doing zazen. It wasn’t particularly comfortable. My lips were dry, I swallowed a lot, my back was sore, and now I’d like to walk briskly and shake out my limbs.

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Four Ways Learning Can Be Spooky

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Anything with a bit of mystery to it can feel spooky, and even learning comes with a few “Whoa, that is weird!” moments. After all, it involves your mind, and the human mind is good at not only being mysterious, but at making totally normal occurrences feel eerie. Here are four ways you can hope to be creeped out this October. [click to continue…]


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What if you could master one trick that would make every learning experience from now on more valuable? What if you understood every book more fully, could solve problems more quickly and with more ingenuity, and were better at seeing things from another person’s point of view? [click to continue…]


What Is an Autodidact?

Instead of rehashing the definition you can get from the dictionary and Wikipedia, we’ve used them to create a word cloud. It’s in the shape of a gold star as a reminder to reward yourself for meeting your learning goals.autodidact word cloud redo




3 Common Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them

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If you are full of the desire to make learning a priority in your life, but you can’t seem to stick with it, you will most likely benefit from one easy way to keep yourself focused on the goal. [click to continue…]


Welcome to Info-Forage!

Hello, and welcome to Info-Forage, a blog about empowered lifelong learning in the 21st century. We created this blog to help people take charge of their education, whether that means going beyond the requirements of the brick and mortar school where you’re currently enrolled, increasing your employability, or improving your quality of life and just keeping life interesting.

We believe that learning doesn’t end when you graduate or get the job you always wanted. Everyone will find himself required to learn new skills and information throughout his life, but we think learning should be more than an infinite checklist determined by teachers, bosses, clients or anyone who isn’t you. People learn more when they’re interested, and only you can define your interests.

Our goal is to empower people by discussing learning: how to learn more and better, how to take charge of your education, and skills that will help the 21st century learner. We also want to celebrate empowered learning with portraits of notable and interesting autodidacts. And when we find great resources, we’ll make sure to post about them so you can use them, too.