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New Year’s Resolutions for Slackers, Slow-Pokes and the Overly-Fickle

It’s been over a week since you made your New Year’s Resolution. You did make one, right? Oh, you were gonna make one, but then you got busy or figured you’d end up quitting anyway? Or maybe you did make one, but you’re already getting antsy and trying to think up a new goal.

Never fear. You aren’t doomed to waste another year doing nothing in particular. Make your Web browsing productive by looking at some plans and lists to get you inspired to make the most of 2014. Here are some sites to get you started.

Screenshot (1)Lists Challenges is here for all those who love lists, check marks and gold stars. There are four categories of lists: movies, books, food and other. Spend a year drinking the 99 best beers while you watch 150 cult movies. Or devour these 50 must-read books while making time for 50 of life’s small pleasures.





Screenshot (3)Lifehacker has compiled a list of seven 52-week challenges. Organize your home, save money, eat, read, get fit or learn to code. Choose the goal that works for you, break it up into 52 bite-size chunks and get started (even if you’re starting a little late.)






workbook piecesSign up for updates in the sidebar and get your free copy of our autodidact starter kit. Use it to list your learning goals and start making a plan to reach them.

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