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Boost Creativity, Feel Better and Live Longer – Without Moving a Muscle

When you’re a lifelong learner, thinking of the infinite subjects you want to study, skills you want to learn, books you want to read and masterpieces you want to create can be freeing – it can remind you that you can do anything, you’ll never get bored, there is so much out there.

But there is a down side. You can start thinking things like: I want to learn/read/create 5 bazillion different things. How can I do it all?

While I can’t give you directions to the fountain of youth or show you how to download information Matrix style, there is one thing you can do to increase longevity and be more creative.

Meditation and mindfulness are often the subject of studies these days. Benefits are numerous, ranging from slowing HIV to increasing compassion. In particular, meditation lowers your level of stress – both reportedly and in a testable way.

The link between stress and mindfulness and meditation has been tested repeatedly. Participants in this study who received meditation training reported lower levels of stress during a multitasking activity. And several studies have concluded that meditation and mindfulness lower levels of cortisol – the “primary stress hormone.”

Now stress, other than just feeling gross, is an impediment to our creativity. Reducing stress will help us breathe easy – both on and off the zafu – and be at our creative best.

Being creative, in turn, could increase longevity, and… reduce stress.

breathe painting 2


Not sure where to start?


Try out Headspace – a mindfulness and meditation app

Check out one of these 15 meditation books for beginners

Sign up for the Coursera class Buddhist Meditation and the Modern World

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