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About Us

Hello, and welcome to Info-Forage, a blog about empowered lifelong learning in the 21st century. We created this blog to help people take charge of their education, whether that means going beyond the requirements of the brick and mortar school where you’re currently enrolled, increasing your employability, or improving your quality of life and just keeping life interesting. Read more or scroll down to read about the authors.


robyn flowers 2 with creditsAfter finishing my M.A. in linguistics, I actually kept going to school. I found I had developed an expensive habit: taking classes. I turned that habit into a less specific one of learning. That was partly a financial decision, but it was also an extension of homeschooling my children and a means of gaining more control over my education. As an autodidact, I now have more freedom to learn what I want in the way the works best for me.  I believe education should be personal, and I co-author this blog to help people become empowered, passionate learners.








I suppose I had the opposite path to Robyn, I started out with a long, meandering educational path and topped it off with the M.A. in Linguistics, which is where we met.  (Well, I did take a semester of Russian after that and an independent research course… Then I quit paying for school once and for all.) I never could shake the learning bug though. I read at least as much non-fiction as fiction, I take notes, I never stop trying to acquire new skills, and I’m always on the lookout for free resources to help me learn something better than I might by doing it completely on my own.